Venue & Travel Information

Venue Information

ICAETA-2024 will be held at the following venue:
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science,
University Campus (Cittadella Universitaria )
Viale Andrea Doria 6, 95125 Catania, Sicily.
The meeting room is the MI6 and F of the building # 4.

The most convenient entrance is from “Dipartimento di Ingegneria Civile e Architettura” entrance Building #4 (next pictures)

Tourist Map

The second largest city in Sicily by population, Catania spreads out over the Plain of Catania, between the Ionian Sea and the slopes of Etna. The wonderful strength of Etna, the snow-covered peaks, the crystal clear sea of the Ionian coast, the historical and archaeological heritage, the baroque churches and palaces, the enogastronomic traditions and music, the innate warmth and hospitality culture of the people, welcome tourists in every season.

GPS coordinates: 37°31'34.3"N 15°04'26.1"E and Google Maps link:

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Travel Guidelines

The University campus of the Cittadella Universitaria can be easily reached by public transportation from downtown Catania. There are two options:

1. Take the BRT1 bus in downtown Catania (or bus 442 which stops along Via Etnea) and get off at the VIA SANTA SOFIA stop (or VIALE A. DORIA). You can find the route (“percorso”) and the timetable (“orario”) of BRT1 at this link. We recommend this option as the simplest one.

2. Take the Metro line in downtown with direction “NESIMA” and get off at the stop “Milo”, where a shuttle bus (labelled FCE) will take you to the Cittadella Universitaria. For that you need to take FCE buses with direction “Catania” or “Parcheggio Santa Sofia”, getting off at the 1st stop of Via Santa Sofia. The same ticket is valid for, both, Metro and the shuttle bus. You can find a route map of the Metro at this link. Alternatively, you can walk to the closest BRT1 stop (see option 1), also called “Milo”, which is about 100m away: here you find a map of the Metro stop “Milo” and the BRT1 stop “Milo”.

Tickets for both BRT1 or Metro (please note that they are different tickets) may be purchased at Newspaper or Tobacco kiosks. Metro ticket may be purchased also at automatic machines inside the Metro. The price of one tickets is 1 Euro and it lasts 90 minutes starting on validation time.

Once you reach the “Cittadella Ovest” bus stop, you can walk to the Campus entrance (see map at this link).

In order to go back to the city center, you can walk to the opposite entrance of the campus and take the BRT1 at bus stop “Cittadella Est”.

Acceptance Letter

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